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A Very Brief History of the Lights

It all started with a vision.

Back in 1997, after visiting the lights at Shore Acres Park in Coos Bay, Keith Pepper and Olivia Abbot decided that something similar would be wonderful to have in Brookings.

The city council agreed. Starting with only 20 thousand lights, a first year attendance  of over 7000 indicated that this would be a success.

In the years to follow the high school students in the welding class made contributions of sculptures. More 3D sculptures were fabricated by the workers at the city shops. Other 2D and 3D structures were purchased with donations, sponsors and gate proceeds.

Today, local business, civic groups and volunteers get together every year and continue the tradition.

1998    50,000 lights. Undersea World dedicated. Octopus and Seahorse included

1999     75 thousand lights. Animal Encounter introduced. Bull Elk, frog and fish arches make their appearance.

2000    100 thousand lights. Champagne bottle and glass celebrate the new millennium. Enchanted Garden debuts.

2001   Giant Butterfly joins the party

2002     200 thousand lights.

2003     250 thousand lights. Lights Tunnel arrives

2004    The Eagle makes its first appearance

2005      300 thousand lights. The Nativity Scene is added. Underground electrical network is installed. This  added safety by

      greatly  reducing the number of extension cords on the ground.

2007      4 Giant Nutcrackers arrive. Paved walkways are added to make the park more ADA accessible.

2008     350 thousand lights. Olivia’s Flag is dedicated. Capella By The Sea opens.

2009     400 thousand lights

2011     450 thousand lights 

2012     Twinkle Treasure Hunt is launched. 

2014     Ticket Booths painted. 3D sculptures are restored. Frog, Fish, and main arches are reworked. Light Tunnel is animated

2015    2D Structures restored. Color added to light tunnel. Whale pod added. Brookings Bells displayed downtown.

           Avenue of the Arches introduced.

2016   Blue lights added to Avenue of the Arches. Sparkling Snowballs are placed in field. Several decorated trees,

                 5 Golden Rings, Igloo/Penguin displays added.

    Please refer to our Scrapbook for a much more in-depth history.