Our 2018-2019 Project "Meet Me at the Park!"


Additional Information

The City of Brookings and its unincorporated areas make up 39% of the population of Curry County, Oregon. Curry County is one of the most economically distressed counties in Oregon resulting in limited and affordable activities for its residents. Azalea Park is the largest of the community parks and hosts several events through out the year at little or no cost to those who attend. These events include summer concerts, movie nights, community picnics and the Festival of Lights. 

Access to the park is currently underdeveloped lacking needed ADA accessibility and safe access. The main parking area for Azalea Park is a dimly lighted, dirt parking area full of potholes. In the summer, it’s a dust bowl. In the winter, a muddy mess. Poor drainage creates unwanted erosion and soil run off. The road 

to the parking lot is void of lights.   

A well lit, properly engineered and paved parking area for 70 cars with ADA compliance accessibility will improve access for community events, for residents and visitors with disabilities. It will protect surrounding natural areas from further erosion damage. Nature’s Coastal Holiday and the City of Brookings have come together to re-imagine visitor access to Azalea Park. Nature’s Coastal Holiday is spear-heading community donations with a raffle and donations from the annual Festival of Lights totaling $50,000 of the total $365,000 needed. The City of Brookings is providing the project management and $132,000 in funds. We are seeking another $173,000 in funding so everyone can “Meet Me at the Park!” 

When is a parking lot more than just a chunk 

of asphalt? 

When it provides safe access to a public park!

When your elderly grandmother must stay 

home instead!

When a family member is in a wheelchair!